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Monday, May 2, 2011

Seabirds vegan food truck: a novel.

Food Network's Great Food Truck Race rolled through Salt Lake City this weekend and vegans were all abuzz because one of the trucks just so happens to be completely animal free!

I'd read about Orange County's Seabirds on QuarryGirl before and was jazzed at the chance to try it out in my own city. Esther had been told the truck would start serving breakfast at 10:30 AM on Saturday so we grabbed Candice and headed out to Coffee Garden on 9th & 9th around 11:00. Did we expect a long line? Yes (TV crews + vegan food = crowd). Did we expect to wait for FOUR HOURS in the snow and rain? No. Was the food worth it? Toss up.

I don't know what the hold up was and they never really offered an explanation. We'd heard through the line that the menu consisted of Jamaican jerk jackfruit tacos, a quesadilla and a breakfast burrito; and by the time we had moved closer to the front they announced they were out of tortillas and cheeze sauce already. Luckily, Cali's was in the hood and donated some supplies so they started cranking out those famous beer battered fried avocado tacos. Esther was an hour late to work and we had all lost the feeling in our extremities so it was hard to keep happy faces when we finally did reach the truck. I'd say it was worth it just for the story of waiting in line.

Overall I thought the food was pretty good but a little pricey. The beer battered avocados were awesome and I loved that Seabirds sauce. The crew were nice and entertaining and even offered some warm tea while we waited in line.

On Sunday, Esther and I happened to pass the truck while it was parked outside Whole Foods. We decided since there were only a few people milling about the front that we'd give it a go again. This time we ordered fried rice because they ran out of the pesto flatbread and cinnamon bread didn't sound like a good dinner. The rice was, again, just pretty good. It had lots of veggies (baby bok choy!) but was a tad oily. Overall I'd eat there again if they happened to be in my neighborhood sans 100 other people in line ahead of me.

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