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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Toilet Paper Sunburst.

It took weeks of collecting toilet and paper towel rolls from everyone I know, two days of designing, three hours of assembly, four glasses of wine and several hot glue gun burns . . but the sunburst is complete and I love it!

What you need:
As many toilet and paper towel rolls as you can collect
Hot glue gun
Drop cloth/shop towels

What to do:
Cut your rolls into strips about an inch or two thick (see previous post about toilet paper roll flowers).

Lay the strips out in a pattern of your choice on top of the drop cloths. I used two old bath towels that are covered in various glues, pastes and burn holes from other craft projects. Experiment with the shape; I tried about a million different layouts before deciding on this one. I took five strips and laid them out in a flower shape, then added from there out.

When you're ready to glue, start with the center and glue the core five pieces together. Don't try to make an exact copy of what you laid out because that will not happen. You just have to let your creative juices flow and place and glue as you see fit.

Once everything is glued together and completely dry, simply find a home for it and stick her on the wall. The sunburst I made is huge, so large that I almost couldn't carry it myself, and I hung it with six nails (two at the top, one on either side and two at the bottom).


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