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Thursday, December 29, 2011

On 2011.

With a new year just around the corner, I figured it was time for a deliciously cliche 2011 review post. So what happened this year? Someone once said that living life right means you don't remember it, but I'll try my best:

-I sold my car and embraced the pedestrian lifestyle.
-After another unsuccessful living situation, I vowed the next roommate I have will be the maggots decaying my flesh in the grave.
-I maintained my goal of working out regularly and eating better!
-I picked up crafting and rekindled my love of cooking.
-I officially became single.
-My family took our first vacation together in years/I finally saw southern Utah for the first time!
-I went camping in Utah for the first time.
-I lost some friends I didn't expect to lose and gained all sorts of new ones.
-I watched my family struggle with ups and downs and grow so much closer because of it.

Nothing really major happened. I didn't start college. I didn't get married or pregnant or buy a house (though a lot of my friends did). I had lots of daily disasters and stressful situations and realized, yet again, that I can handle whatever mud gets thrown in my face.

So, bring it on 2012. I'm ready to live like we're dyin'.

Monday, December 26, 2011

The last of the Christmas spew.

Amanda couldn't fly back to CA for Christmas, so our family took her in. Christmas eve was a wild party with lots of booze, dancing, games, laughing, hugging and shouting of "MAN I LOVE YOU GUYS" or statements to that effect. My brother has 5 videos on his cell phone of my entire family (dad included!) dancing to LMFAO. I can't show you because we all agreed the next day to keep it a family-eyes-only gem, but trust me, it's pretty damn hilarious.

I made out like a bandit with Christmas gifts; food processor, belgian waffle maker, cookie sheets and a silpat to name a few. For dinner I decided to try my hand at a seitan pot pie with phyllo crust and it was a huge success!

Overall, I was beyond pleased with the holiday this year. Food, family, and fun are what it's all about.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas at the Lynn's.

I love my parents' house during the holidays. The air is thick with the smell of fresh baked goods and curse words and profanities aplenty (which isn't a far cry from the norm, but the difference at Christmas is there are pretty lights and fake trees to look at).

D-day is five days away and I haven't really been able to get into the Christmas spirit yet. I suppose it's because I can't afford to go all out like I have in years past or maybe it's because my California heart has grown to love a white Christmas and it's still bone dry outside. Who knows. I AM pretty pumped about the gifts I have for everyone this year. Tonight I'm planning on baking a bunch of cookies for my work party and am hoping that will fill me with more holiday joyz.

Seasons greetings. Feliz navidad. Happy Hannukkah. Merry Christmas. Happy solstice and that jazz.

Friday, December 2, 2011