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Thursday, December 29, 2011

On 2011.

With a new year just around the corner, I figured it was time for a deliciously cliche 2011 review post. So what happened this year? Someone once said that living life right means you don't remember it, but I'll try my best:

-I sold my car and embraced the pedestrian lifestyle.
-After another unsuccessful living situation, I vowed the next roommate I have will be the maggots decaying my flesh in the grave.
-I maintained my goal of working out regularly and eating better!
-I picked up crafting and rekindled my love of cooking.
-I officially became single.
-My family took our first vacation together in years/I finally saw southern Utah for the first time!
-I went camping in Utah for the first time.
-I lost some friends I didn't expect to lose and gained all sorts of new ones.
-I watched my family struggle with ups and downs and grow so much closer because of it.

Nothing really major happened. I didn't start college. I didn't get married or pregnant or buy a house (though a lot of my friends did). I had lots of daily disasters and stressful situations and realized, yet again, that I can handle whatever mud gets thrown in my face.

So, bring it on 2012. I'm ready to live like we're dyin'.


  1. i got you pregnant...

  2. you also tried and failed to confine people to my surface area