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Monday, May 23, 2011

Road trip!

Last week I took a road trip to Oakland with Esther and Allie. We had a fantastic time and took hundreds of photos which will take an eternity for me to post. It was great to introduce new friends to old friends and to see them all get along together; definitely one of my best trips back.

I was naughty and ate nonstop the entire trip, but that's what vacations are for, right? Lots of free poured liquor and deep friend vegan food (rocky road cinnamon roll anyone?!). I was so glad to come home and get back on track nutritionally and physically (the liquor, however, will follow me wherever I may roam).

I've got a million tutorial posts to put up if I ever find the time (or a new laptop); how to turn a cardboard box into a planter for vegetables, how to make a terrarium out of an apothecary jar and all sorts of recipes. The weather is slowly improving here in the city of salt and my internet use will be limited once we hit consecutive warm days; so I apologize in advance for gaps in posting.

Congratulations on surviving the rapture everyone!

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