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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Back from hiatus!

Boy, what a summer it has been. I've noticed that I seem to disappear from blogging when the weather warms up and return when it cools down. Summer is my favorite and there is just too much going on to stay on top of it all. Without further adieu, here's the summer recap:

* Moved, again. Not my fault this time! I now live alone in the cutest apartment in the Piccadilly and I am much, much happier.
* Finally went camping and hiking in Utah, not once but three times!
* Switched from yoga to Pilates and stuck with it.
* Made lots of new friends, drank lots of booze in pretty places, did lots of biking, had great culinary successes, attended many bbqs and dance parties and finally figured out what Snoop and everyone else on the planet have found so appealing about a certain species of plant. It was a crazy summer and I have too many insane stories.

This weekend my family is taking our first vacation in years and will be visiting the desert in southern Utah. We're going white water rafting on the Colorado River and hiking at Arches National Park. I'm beyond excited because I haven't been south since living in the state and the landscape down there is just breathtaking. There's also a pretty significant surprise in the works but I can't spoil it.

I don't have Internet in my new apartment yet and apparently my paranoid schizophrenic and mullet wielding neighbors aren't too keen on sharing, so I'm still working that out. However, I'm ready to start blogging again so get ready, ya'll and enjoy these random photos:

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