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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Pride Weekend 2011

My heart goes all atwitter when Pride weekend rolls around because Lord knows I love me some gays. Esther, Carla, Tenille and I were repping for Salty Spokes and rode bikes with the SLUG Magazine float in the parade this year and it was fantabulous. You can't go wrong with mimosas and vodka Rebulls at 10:00 AM, especially when drag queens are involved.

Apparently this year had a record turn out for Pride, so high five Utah for being supportive! The theme of SLUG's float was Wizard of Oz and our t-shirts had a drawing of Dorothy's house with 'There's no place like homo' written on the roof:

There was a band on the float playing punk covers of the soundtrack to Wizard of Oz and I probably sang "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" about six times that morning. I wish I had been able to get pictures of the other floats and the hoards of people that lined the street, they were literally everywhere.

Until next year!

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