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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Busy bee.

Please excuse my week of absence, it was a busy one. Levi left on Tuesday and I busted my ass at work for the next few days to compensate for time off/distract my sad heart. Thursday night I had drinks with Candice and slept for 4 hours at my parents' house before waking up at 4 AM to drive to California for Brittney and Jerry's wedding. I had a long, busy weekend and crammed as many faces and places into it as I could. The wedding was beautiful, wine was plentiful, my specialized vegan dinner amazing (char grilled balsamic marinated portobello caps stuffed with char grilled eggplant and red and green peppers). I'm not one for sappiness, but I did get teary during the ceremony and when I gave a speech at the reception. There weren't many friends there, just the few of us who have stuck by one another since the beginning of high school. Remembering all of the times we've had, how different we are now and how we all came together was just a bit overwhelming. I absolutely love my life and where I'm at now, but as H2O says..don't forget your roots. Did I really just take it there? Yes. I did.

I got back to Salt Lake on Monday night around 10:30. The usual bikes, beer and hang outs happened in between then and Wednesday. Wednesday I spent the evening at my mom's and then at Melissa's. She's fostering a pitbull/beagle mix who was returned after the Super Adoption and I absolutely fell in love with him. He's cuddly and sweet and small and adorable and I just want to take him home. I immediately consulted Levi about it and sent him tons of pictures and he's just as in love with him as I am. Melissa said she would keep him until we made a decision, but I want to think it out and not be hasty.

Did I really just type all of that? Jesus. Here are some pictures from when Levi was here/the wedding/random other times;

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