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Monday, September 14, 2009

Birthday boy

Levi's birthday was Saturday, the 12th. We woke up and I took him to breakfast at Vertical and then we went to the Living Planet Aquarium. We touched lots of slimy things and saw pretty fish and it was fun. Afterwards, we went home and I made TVP stroganoff and chocolate peanut butter cupcakes and Candice came over for dinner and drinks. Then we headed over to the pub to meet everyone else. So many people showed up and it made Levi and I so happy. Thank you again to everyone who came, we love you! We ended the night at Juniors and headed home around 1ish. We were so sleepy and drunk and Levi just kept saying how happy he was.

The next day we lounged around and went to coffee at NoBrow and then out to my parents house to visit and do laundry. We took Little on a walk and ate dinner with my parents and then I washed and folded all of his underwear. I gave him the mustache wax and comb I bought for his birthday and he loved it. I can't wait to see him use it :) After we left my parents house we headed back downtown and decided to go to Brewvies to see Taking Woodstock; there could not be a more perfect movie for the two of us to watch. The music was so good! We went home after midnight and crawled into bed to cuddle and pass out. What a long weekend.

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