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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Sayonara 2012.

Blogspot? Who blogs anymore? I do! Another year has come and gone and it's been another six months since my last post. I'll skip the pleasantries and move on to the highlights of 2012:

-Love: I played the single party girl role for awhile, but the universe had other plans and brought Levi and I back together again. I am so thankful that it did.
-Life: In August, I made the extremely difficult decision to move to my parents' house in West Jordan to save money/decide what I'm doing my life. The result: Levi and I will move downtown in/by March, go to school to get my AAS at SLCC then head to Weber State to get a paralegal certification and move out of Utah to a location that will be determined at a later date. Somewhere in there I plan to buy another car as well.
-Travels: CA (twice), MN, PA, NY, AZ, ID and NV.  I also went camping a ton!
-Random incidents worth noting: I went through SIX cell phones this year, the most recent of which was dropped in a toilet twice and came out unscathed. I was physically attacked by my paranoid schizophrenic neighbor, twice. I got on a first name basis with the owner of a pizza place from spending so many nights being drunk and starving (single party girl phase). Kristan came to visit! I lost two IDs and debit cards. Actually, the whole year was filled with minor unfortunate events and bizarre stories from my apartment building. I'll stop here.

My agenda for 2013 is ambitious to say the least. I've already started out on a good foot, so let's cross our fingers for continuity. See you in six months.

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