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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring has sprung.

The weather lately has been gorgeous! I'm so excited for spring and summer. My life has been a bit of a madhouse lately, mostly due to growing stress about my dwindling finances, but there are so many good things coming up. I just keep trying to stay focused on things getting better.

Last night we went to a Vile Blue Shades show at Urban and had an amazing time. There were tons of people and everyone danced and I even got Ryan to play "Black Pussy" for me, which they hardly ever do anymore. I needed a fun night out with good friends and definitely got just that.

Lots of riding time.

Joe grew a beard for a month and Candice baked him a cake, I helped frost.

Hat weather!

I walked over to Candice's this morning and we made a delicious breakfast of tofu scramble with thai chilis and avocado, Smart Bacon and some sundried tomato and herb toast. It was SERIOUSLY the best scramble ever.

Obligatory Elton shot.


  1. oh man, i totally have been in the same boat: madhouse, finance, blah... anywho, it's awesome that the weather is beautiful more reason to forget about all the crap. thats what i think at least.

  2. I agree. The sun makes everything feel better.