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Sunday, March 14, 2010

A shopping trip and FREE TEESE!

I treated myself to a much needed shopping trip the other day. I bought a few dresses for summer, a beautiful embellished cardigan, some silk tops and a nice sweater. I also took a trip to Good Earth to cash in my coupon for buy one get one free Teese! You can go here to get the coupon yourself:


I highly reccomend it. I was amazed to find that Good Earth is now stocking Dandies vegan marshmallows! I immediately bought a bag and plan to make s'more/rocky road brownies today.

Last night I went to Urban Lounge to see Leslie & The Ly's and Christopher the Conquered. I have no other words than that it was seriously amazing. Glitter, gold pants, hydraulic lifts and fantastic jams. Do yourself a favor and check them both out:

Time for laundry and baking.

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