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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Weekend warrior.

I finished Goblet of Fire! Now on to Order of the Phoenix.

I started eating breakfast again; Grape Nuts with almond milk & raspberries. Mm.
Thursday I got my bike fixed and was back to pounding the pavement.

Then that evening was Black Keys at Gallivan. Seth got wise and figured out that the parking garage across the street has a perfect view and great sound without the noise of thousands of people, plus the added benefit of drinking your own beer and not paying $5 a cup. So we watched from afar with 40 or so other friends and had an amazing time. One friend was kind enough to give me his binoculars so I could stare at Dan Auerbach's face the whole time, and stare I did. I sang and danced and it was fantastic
We heckled everyone on the street

Seth, Ryan & Can-Dice
Friday it was 102 degrees

Finally painted my living room on Saturday! We had to start at 9 AM before it was too hot, epic failed at that because we each almost passed out twice

Saturday night consisted of lots of alcohol, walking, new friends, mustaches, new bars, & heat.


The Twilight Lounge's bathroom felt like a maze
I woke up early today and went swimming and layed out in the sun all day. I caved and bought an air conditioner yesterday and today my dad installed it for me. It works like fucking magic and I cannot wait to sleep in a cool room tonight. I'm going over to Cynthia's to hang out and get my bangs trimmed and then going home and flopping on the couch. Phew.

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