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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Pleasure principle.

Friday it down-poured for 10 minutes, I missed critical mass because of work and listened to too much Black Sabbath and Mettallica after I got into a really bad mood. Then I remembered that I love the following:

semi-sweet chocolate chips, PBR, & Camel filters

ham hock and the shit covered fire escape


Levi Daniel Whitman

and I quit being a baby and channeled my energy into cleaning almost my entire apartment to a sparkling shine, popped in an old Jerry Seinfeld stand up DVD and waited for Levi to come home.

This morning I rode to the farmers market with Candice, Seth and Tyler. I bought some handmade patchouli soap (that I can't wait to soak in) but nothing else because I do not like the following items that dominated the rest of the market: bing cherries, snow peas, rainbow chard, or cloves of garlic smaller than my fist. No thanks.

Then Candice and I drove up Emigration Canyon to meet Seth, Tyler, Nate, and Ryan at Ruth's Diner:

It was gorgeous out and perfectly hot enough to drink cocktails at noon while waiting for our table. I love this place now and want to take everyone I know there. Candice, thank you very much for a lovely morning.

I want a nap.

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