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Monday, June 29, 2009


As I was driving down I-15 this morning, my rear driver's side tire decided to explode, yes EXPLODE. This happened to be one of the rare occasions I was not driving 85 MPH on the freeway, and as soon as I made my way to the far right emergency lane, I proceeded to thank my grandmother a thousand times in a row for the fact that I was alive. I called roadside assistance and they showed up and changed the tire and then I was on my way. Quite an exciting morning.

Yesterday I met Melissa and Jenny at Steiner pool and we layed in the sun and swam for a bit. Jenny was watching her dad's house while he was out of town riding the MS-150 so we went over for beer and girl talk; which resulted in the unanimous decision to host a sex toy party next weekend. Can you imagine the pictures? Stay tuned.

Butch's basil garden that smells like heaven

I have Friday off. Hallelujah.

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