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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Fresh start.

I've been writing in the same Livejournal (livejournal.com/users/scarlet__stains) since I was 16 and now that I'm 22 I have decided to move my ramblings elsewhere and give myself a fresh start. I'm hoping this can keep me motivated to post more often, so we'll see.

Last night Sias came over and I tried to make toffee but had the worst culinary failure of my life; it was such a disaster I think even my pan is ruined. I believe the culprit was too much brown sugar and not enough fat, and boiling the sugar mixture for too long so that it became too thick. Now I've wasted a whole pound of Earth Balance and put a tiny bruise on my ego. Hmph.

I can't believe Memorial Day weekend is already here! Candice and I are talking about a BBQ monday and Cassie is trying to convince me to go to Nevada until Sunday. Either way I see sundresses, bikes and beer in my future.

The prospect of moving has put a pause on my decorating plans. I'm afraid to buy the furniture I had been planning on getting because I have no idea what my new place will be like, what if I don't have room for this or that or what if I can't paint, etc. So for now I'm going to leave things just as they are:

my bedside table and the books I'm currently reading

living room, look past the broken blinds

coffee table!

living room again

built-in shelves and peek into my bedroom

and I just bought this guy on eBay to add to my collection! I love him.

There's all kinds of exciting things coming up! I've got a great outlook on everything and it feels wonderful. Here's to new beginnings.


  1. Cheers to new beginnings :) I'm excited to move too. I hope you'll come over, and let me come see your place too.

  2. Of course I'll come over! I'll still bring you treats.

  3. This Book Will Save Your Life! It's so good! I was rummaging around Berkeley thrift stores today and saw a huge, old, framed mustached man and thought of you.