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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Back to reality.

Came home to beautiful weather | My hair is getting SO long | spending lots of mornings at Nobrow

This morning I slept in and made tofu scramble and toast for breakfast. Then I headed over to Candice's and we met Joe at Koko Kitchen for a ride. We ended up in Liberty Park and stumbled upon Earth Jam, which is a huge festival that included belly dancing, LARPING, gypsy circus performers, live music, tons of booths with local art and goods, lots of food and all sorts of things. There were tons of people and some of the cutest dogs ever. We spent all day in the sun. Then Candice and I made southern fried tofu and mashed sweet potatoes for dinner and lounged around her apartment all evening. Not bad for my first weekend back in SLC, not bad at all.

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